At Blue Affirmations, we aim to provide everyone with a database of simple and easy-to-use affirmations. Affirmations help in every aspect of your life, such as, success, relationships, wealth, health, happiness, etc. We personally use affirmations in our daily lives and there really isn’t any good quality websites dedicated to affirmations, so we decided to put our heads together and create a place where you can find simple and easy-to-use affirmations that can be used on a  daily basis. We also have specific tools to make your journey easier, such as mp3 files. The articles written by our team revolve around topics which are meant to help you develop in all aspects of your life in order for you to experience constant growth  and success. 

Our quote section is dedicated to providing you with quotes from people who have inspired millions across the world. Reading quotes is great for the mind and can help you grow spiritually and intellectually. Quotes contain wisdom from great people and help to motivate you. After a long stressful day, it’s great to kickback and read some of these beautiful quotes in order to unwind. All of the quotes on our website are shareable on social media and every quote comes with a beautiful image that you can save on your cellphone, tablet or computer. Our database of quotes is continually growing, so stay tuned, because we will be adding new quotes on a daily basis.