Everyone wants to be successful. The hard thing about this is that it takes dedication and perseverance. I take that back. It’s not hard. If you have little rituals and steps that can be done everyday, you will guarantee yourself that extra source of income or reach that new goal you’ve been dreaming about for so long. I will outline why people fail to achieve success and 4 little tricks you can start using today to achieve your goals and send you down the road to success. You will learn how to use daily affirmations.

Why don’t people succeed? The main reason why people don’t succeed and achieve their goals in life, is because they’re lazy. That’s the simple truth. People procrastinate too much. Look around you. How many people that you know have these great ideas for business and don’t do anything about it?It’s always the same people who have goals of losing fat, yet they always remain the same, not achieving anything. If everyone could just DO and stop waiting, there would be lots of successful people out there who are all achieving their own specific goals in life.

All it takes to break free from this cycle of laziness and procrastination is to follow these 4 little steps that you can start on right now.

1. Every morning write down the goals you want to achieve for the day, week, month, year, and check it off once it is done.

When you wake up in the morning, take five minutes of your time to write in a little journal. In your journal you should have the main goal that you would like to accomplish and the time-frame needed to do this. Every morning you should write down the little things you can do during the day that can lead to you accomplishing that goal. This way you have a clear picture of exactly what you want done and you can plan your day around these goals. If you want to start losing weight, write down what you will do during the day to send you on your way to start losing weight. Maybe you will walk for an extra thirty minutes or will take the stairs instead of taking the escalator?

Want to start making an extra 500$ a month? Well write down what you will have to do TODAY to start achieving that goal. It could be reading one or two online articles on finance or starting a start-up.

Once you’ve accomplished your task for the day, check off that item. Doing this gives you a clearer view on how you’re going to achieve your goals and it motivates you to accomplish these tasks.

Morning rituals for success

2. Say some affirmations after writing down your goals.

Affirmations are very powerful. They have the power to rewire negative thought processes you have in your brain and they open countless opportunities if used correctly. Many successful people have used them in the past to achieve success. In Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, he interviewed countless successful people and the one things they had in common is that they used positive self-affirmations to help them grow so successful.  Click here to see our quick how-to guide for affirmations. As always, the best thing to always do is to use daily affirmations.

3. Whenever you start slacking, think of your goal.

It’s normal for everyone to get lazy during the day and start watching tv, browsing through FaceBook, Instragram, Pinterest, etc. But if you start spending hours doing this, then you are wasting time in achieving your goal. A trick to deter you from wasting too much time procrastinating is to clearly picture your final goal in your head. When you do that, you will start to become more motivated and will likely shut off Facebook and go back to stalking Cindy or Mike when you’ve accomplished the task-at hand. If you want to someday buy a house in the French Riviera someday, print a photo of your dream house and stick it next to your computer screen to remind yourself why you’re working so hard.

4. Get a rough idea the night before of what you will be doing tomorrow.

Before bed, take five minutes of your time to picture what you will be doing tomorrow to achieve your goal.

We were all born with the power to change our lives and achieve success. Visualize your future life and don’t let go of that vision until you’ve attained it. Remember that the only person holding you back from achieving the life you’ve always dreamed of is yourself. The only difference between the successful and unsuccessful is hard-work and determination. A nice daily affirmation you can use everyday is “I will persist until I succeed” by Og Mandino.