Why do we linger on negative thoughts and never seem to escape them? Don’t they just make you more wary and depressed?

I love positive thoughts, they make me happy and don’t leave me feeling depressed. These positive thoughts motivate me in all aspects of my life and I feel like I can conquer the world. The only problem is…it’s very hard to stay positive and have positive thoughts.

Why is it that we sometimes start off our day in a slump and in a negative state of mind? It drains us and makes us function sub-optimally at work or in other areas of our lives. At the end of the day it’s easier to remember all of the negative things that have happened to us during the day than the positives.

The reason why we focus so much more on the negative than the positive, is because back when we were hunters and gatherers we had to pay more attention to the negatives so that we could avoid potential threats. We still don’t have the same threats as we had back in those days but we still have those reaction mechanisms. It is not completely useless, because sometimes we need to be careful and also look at negative situations so that we can avoid them. We can’t be constantly positive all of the time.

Even though having a bit of negativity is good for you, it becomes bad when you are stuck in a negative loop. This is when you start losing motivation, ambition, focus, etc. We can stop this negative loop that we have created for ourselves.

Rewiring your brain for positive thought

Our brains are plastic. Meaning we can strengthen the synapses between neurons to make them stronger. When the synapses becomes stronger, the easier it is for you to accomplish that specific task. For example, practicing the piano twice a week for a year will increase your synapses and you will be able to play the piano more efficiently in a years time than you were able to when you first started.

How to rewire your brain for positive thoughts?

-Practicing to have more positive thoughts and thinking patterns


-Using Affirmations

Practicing to have more positive thoughts and thinking patterns during the day sounds like something easy, but if you’re stuck in a negative feedback loop, this is trickier than it looks. A trick that you can use is to try and think of 3-5 positive things that have happened to you during the day. This will make you feel better and happier.

Another thing you can do is try and give people compliments during the day. You will make them feel good and you will also feel great!

Don’t forget to also do nice things! Smiling at someone at work, or helping an old lady cross the street (that’s cliché isn’t it?). Just doing little stuff like this would make even the saddest person feel better.

Meditation helps you to become more positive by detaching you from your emotions. All of those negative emotions that you have built up will be detached from your thoughts and you will be able to reflect on them from a neutral and more calming perspective.

Clinical studies from UCLA, have showed that you have the ability to think more rationally from various perspectives.

So, take 20 mins off from your day and meditate. It doesn’t hurt!

Using Affirmations helps rewire your brain to have positive thoughts, because you keep repeating to yourself that you are positive or happy or whatever it may be. By doing this, it forces you to see more positives in the world and in your life and also strengthens the synapses between your neurons. You also start to get more motivation by forcing yourself to act in a more positive way!

These are simple things you can do for rewiring your brain for positive thoughts. Start doing some of these today and watch your life change! You will have a new outlook on life and many paths will open up for you.