Not everyone is born with charisma and confidence. If you learn to develop these two traits, there will be many opportunities that will fall into your lap, which in turn will lead you towards a path of success. You will become an influential person and with this influence you will be able to help your fellow man.

What is confidence? Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance and trust in your own abilities. In order to develop charisma, you will need to have confidence.

What is charisma? Charisma is a certain charm that can inspire devotion in others. Many actors, politicians, and powerful people have charisma. This charisma is what makes them so popular. Remember that popular kid in high school that everyone liked? Well, that kid had charismatic traits which led him to be widely loved.

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Before we delve into how you can become a confident person, you need to understand that NO ONE is always 100% confident. Everyone becomes nervous and anxious at one point or another…and there is nothing wrong with that. Those are normal human traits that everyone has. By adhering to these following steps, you will learn how to become more confident and act in a manner that oozes confidence.

  • Take care of your appearance

Imagine getting up in the morning feeling all sticky with sweat and your hair is in a mess and your clothes are dirty and don’t fit well. Would you be happy and feel ready to face the world? Probably not! Taking a shower before going out, getting a new haircut, putting on clean clothes…These all lead to you feeling more happy about yourself and thus leads to a more confident you!

  • Exercise!

Whether it be losing that extra fat you have around your midsection or gaining muscle mass to look more powerful, exercise helps to increase the production of endorphins (feel-good neurotransmitters!) by your brain, reduces stress, helps your sex life, etc. All of this makes you feel better and happier which in turn leads to a boost in confidence.

  • Use daily affirmations

Use happiness and confidence boosting affirmations everyday. Click here to see our quick how-to guide for affirmations.

  • Become more positive

Let go of all of your negativity and see things in a more positive light. Yes, it is hard!. The more negative you are, the more moody you become and the less confident you are.

  • Speak in a controlled and calm manner

Ever notice how politicians and powerful influential people speak in a slow and calm manner? This is because when someone speaks too fast, people get the feeling that that person is lying or is anxious. Take a deep breathe, gather your thoughts and ramp down the accelerator when you talk and people will see you in a more confident light.

  • Use eye contact!

So simple…yet so hard. Imagine that your eyes are glued to the other person’s eyes. That is an easy trick to maintain eye contact when talking to someone. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. This is an effective way of making people think you are confident.

  • Smile

Smiling makes you and the people around you feel better .


Now that we have confidence out of the way…we can start to develop your charisma!

Every charismatic person I’ve ever known was extremely likable. This is how you build charisma:

  • Be confident

I think I’ve explained it well enough above!

  • Be interested

No matter who you are talking too, show that person your undivided attention. You can be having dinner with the Queen and a regular Joe off of the street, but show that regular Joe that he/she is the most interesting person in the planet. He/she most likely is!

  • Throw in a couple of jokes

Throw in a couple of jokes. It shows that you are confident and are easy going. Everyone loves to laugh. Just make sure you don’t go overboard.

  • Master the art of conversation

Don’t talk about yourself. Ask the person deep questions and let one topic lead to another; let it flow seamlessly.

  • Use your body language wisely

Express yourself with your body; don’t stay still as a brick. Smile. Eye contact. Use hand gestures.

  • Be optimistic

Make people feel optimistic around you, don’t make them feel depressed or unhappy.

If you follow this simple guide, you will be more confident, more charismatic than you’ve ever been before. Developing these skills is a major step towards you leading a happy and successful life. Also, people will love being around you. Now that you’ve finished this article, go and practice that million dollar smile!