Everyone wants to be successful. The hard thing about being successful is that people give up and their motivation decreases after a couple of weeks. A great way to guarantee your way to success it to use success affirmations. If used daily, these success affirmations can rewire the way you think and motivate you on your way to success.

I have personally used success affirmations when I started to lack motivation and started to lose track of where I wanted to be. These affirmations have helped me to stay on course and keep me from giving up in many aspects of my life. Many famous people have used affirmations to succeed, such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, etc.

My dream was to become a physiotherapist, and I got rejected even though I had really high grades. I was in a slump for a good while. I knew I wanted to be successful and my only way was going to be by starting my own business. I worked twice a week to have extra income to fund my business and to keep my girlfriend happy. I felt like giving up, because my girlfriend was a successful professional; whereas I was still trying to get by. Anytime a business venture failed or I felt like giving up, I would repeat success affirmations for about 50 repetitions in order to  motivate and stop myself from having negative thoughts. By repeating these success affirmations, I started to see more and more opportunities that I hadn’t seen before and I started a successful side business in the importation industry.  Click here to see our quick how-to guide for affirmations


These are some really useful success affirmations that can be used anytime you feel like giving up and they will lead you on your way to success (you can also click here):

-I succeed at everything I do

-I attract success

-I am a success magnet

-I persevere in everything I do

-I conquer all obstacles and succeed

-I am constantly striving for greatness

-I am brimming with energy

-I am the master of my emotions

-I am a giant in the world of men

-Success runs through my veins

-I wake up every morning with a hunger for success

-I am dreaming of new ideas every night

-I welcome success into my life every morning

-I absorb success like my skin absorbs sunshine

-I only attract successful people into my life

-I am accepting success into my life

-I am in charge of my life

-I am successful

-I am an example of success

I really hope these success affirmations can help you on your journey to success and if you have any good stories on you using affirmations to help on your journey to success please shoot us a message. These are some quick and useful success affirmations that you can be used anytime you feel like you’re in a slump and you need a boost of motivation. Use these affirmations everyday to help you on your way to success!