Rewiring your brain for positive thoughts

Why do we linger on negative thoughts and never seem to escape them? Don’t they just make you more wary and depressed?

I love positive thoughts, they make me happy and don’t leave me feeling depressed. […]

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Success Affirmations to jump start your way to success!

Everyone wants to be successful. The hard thing about being successful is that people give up and their motivation decreases after a couple of weeks. A great way to guarantee your way to success it […]

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The Greatest Book of all time

Many, many, many books have been written throughout the centuries and they are all great in their own specific way. Some teach you faith, some teach you the sciences, some teach you history, etc. They […]

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Failure is GREAT

We’ve all failed. It can be on that exam you studied hard for, that relationship you had or that business venture you had focused all of your time and energy into. Failure has happened to […]

Simple ways for building Charisma and Confidence

Not everyone is born with charisma and confidence. If you learn to develop these two traits, there will be many opportunities that will fall into your lap, which in turn will lead you towards a […]

4 Little Daily Steps for Achieving Success

Everyone wants to be successful. The hard thing about this is that it takes dedication and perseverance. I take that back. It’s not hard. If you have little rituals and steps that can be done everyday, you will guarantee […]